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UK Criminal Jon Williamson Threatens Public Investigation Website

Cry More Jon – It Is What You Do Best

Happy New Year everyone, and may this year bring great justice to Jon Williamson, the UK career criminal behind International Animal Rescue Foundation and the rest of his fake projects.

The irony isn’t lost on us. That within a few weeks of new intel submissions regarding Jon’s latest fraudulent actions the man himself reared his ugly mug to attack this site with several different forms of malicious code uploads and to top it off, more of his famous vitriol, for which he is known by many. It seems new activists are catching on to his scheme.


You really are a sad little man aren’t you. No one is taking a blind bit of notice about your wee site. No one cares, no one cares about you. However I have recently been informed my wee man that you’re soon to be living on my patch. Spain, such a lovely country. You’ll not be living in our fine EU continent son, your name, and your years of shite has been forwarded. Yes indeed my dear troll I have been keeping a close eye on you, watching your movements, because, at some point, when you do return to Canada, you’re going to be arrested for harassment and inciting violence. I may even create a site like this too, depicting all the trail of destruction you have left behind from animal rescues starting off in South Africa. I have pictures, videos, and evidence, you have what on me? Nothing. What a cunt!


Just reading this sack of nonsense on here, you clearly haven’t a clue about what you’re talking about, LOL. I am that much of a threat to you am I silly? That much of a threat you need to write such trollop. Hilarious. Consult with a lawyer? HAHAHAHA. An MP? HAHAHAH. DMCA’s are legally binding you tosser, they are written with all the evidence provided and checked by the host, you lying twat. Is this why you don’t have any luck with women. LOL. Report fraud? HAHAHA. The fraud agency are sick to the arse of you all. They take no notice. They have been informed by HMP that you’re all trolls, writing false content, ALL PROVEN TO BE FALSE, engage with MPs? HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s so funny. Ask people to get involved with Norfolk Police? LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. You’ll not be living in Spain my man, because when I file my complaints to the Spanish Police you’re arse is going to be hot. Fail to surrender for questioning and you’ll be hit with a red notice, INTERNATIONAL RED WATCH WARRANT! I look forward to meeting you, and when I do you’re going to need a new pair of lady pants.

What we find most interesting is that it seems Jon’s been hitting the bottle again. Aren’t these 4am whiskey fueled rants from his UK hideout what sparked his arson rampage in Norwich?

We spoke with the Norwich Constabulary about you Jon. It would be in your best interest to keep your head down but we know that’s not likely going to happen. But keep this in mind, your butthurt rants and threats don’t intimidate us, on the contrary they are our fuel. You still haven’t learned. In a pathetic way, you’re actually just a wee bit entertaining, kind of like a retarded Leprechaun with a fake french accent and no pot of gold.


Jon Williamson the Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

Who is Jose Depre?

“Jose Depre”, “Joseph Dimetri”, will the real Jon Williamson please stand up.

If you’re concerned about the true identity of this suspicious personality – allegedly the Founder of the International Animal Rescue Foundation, Speak Up For The Voiceless, Funding African Wildlife Survival (FAWS), Anti Pet and Bush Meat Coalition (APBMC), Say No To Dog Meat (SNTDM), etc – look no further than professional criminal, Jon Williamson of Blazer Court, Northumberland Street, Norwich, UK.

Williamson has managed to outwit the local police for years, which seems disturbingly easy to do. Norfolk Constabulary had numerous complaints and opportunities since 2010 to charge Williamson with criminal offenses, which they utterly failed to follow through on, consequently endangering both the general public but also ensuring Williamson was given free reign to routinely terrorize a host of international victims while constructing a massive multinational fraud ring.

Norfolk Constabulary are just as complicit in this crime spree by failing to protect the public as Williamson is by perpetrating the crimes.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Williamson’s recent infatuation with arson did his local authorities bother to put down their crumpets long enough to investigate Williamson’s perpetually escalating criminal exploits.

Is someone actually starting to pay attention to his threat to public safety? It surely seems so as Williamson’s arson case has been bumped up to Crown Court for early December 2015. But can we get our hopes up? Previous attempts have been quashed on the inside by a suspicious member of Norfolk Constabulary who seems to be working with Williamson, and in a sense even seems to be protecting him from due process. That would certainly explain why Norfolk repeatedly refused to continue investigations.

On the other hand, it’s not unheard of that incompetent police just plain fuck up the investigation. If investigators were not given adequate time to locate evidence by superiors before being taken off the case, this is also a serious problem that Norfolk is responsible for. But how is that even possible when the public had ample evidence of Williamson’s many offenses including (actual legal terms vary according to jurisdiction):

  • Impersonating Law Enforcement
  • Identity Fraud & Theft
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Defamation & Libel
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Death Threats
  • Fraud

Many past victims have been successfully harassed and threatened by Williamson into silence.

It’s been allowed to continue because Norfolk decided to cut the investigations short and negligently refused to exhibit an iota of due diligence. But still, victims are coming forward who refuse to let his tactics prevent them from speaking out. Which brings us to the present.

How heinous must his crimes be before the relevant authorities shut him down permanently? Are his crimes, both those in the UK and those international crimes committed from his flat in Norwich considered not serious enough to pursue? If you ask his dozens of victims they’ll all tell you they want justice.

It’s only a matter of time until this miscreant kills someone. And their blood will be on the hands of Norfolk Constabulary. In the video below appears the infamous animal rights wannabe terrorist Joseph Dimetri (aka Jon Williamson and Jose Depre) threatening another animal protection organization for refusing his “help”. If in doubt, go looking for the new clips posted by “Jose” himself and you’ll see the obvious similarities.

We’re not leaving it to chance, however, as we have copies of ALL of his past videos for evidence, leaving absolutely no doubt of his true identity. Naturally a fully qualified expert witness speech pathologist will corroborate the assertion in court.

This information is being passed on to the Crown Prosecutor for Jon Williamson’s arson charges.

Jon Williamson Charged With Five Counts Of Arson In Norwich

Jon Williamson, known to the public by his more antisocial alter egos “Joseph Dimetri, Jean Marie, or Jose Calos Depre“, aged 35 and of Blazer Court, Northumberland Street, Norwich, UK has been charged with five counts of arson and two counts of attempted arson. Jon Williamson has been released on police bail to appear before Norwich Magistrates Court on Friday 11th September 2015. We urge any members of the public in the area who are concerned with seeing justice done, to attend the court proceedings. For more information:

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